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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

A simple answer to that question is yes, they are safer than real cigarettes, but yet not 100% safe because of the Nicotine, then completely smokeless cigarettes would be a better option, but to be honest, they do not feel like a real cigarette.

But if the choice is between Electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes, you should always choose E cigarettes, because they do not contain the 4.000 highly toxic ingredients and additives than a regular cigarette contains.

And not only that, the effect of burning tobacco can have devastating consequences for your health in the long run.

With electronic cigarettes there are no burning of plant material, which means no development of Carbon monoxide that is one of the biggest dangers with regular cigarettes.

The Boston Study

Reasearchers Boston University School of Public Health did back in 2010 a study that concluded that Electronic Cigarettes were safer than real cigarettes, and could actually help smokers to quit smoking as well. But the Study also concluded in order to clarify that, another study was needed. But evidence do show that Electronic Cigarettes is an excellent substitute for real cigarettes and can have quitting benefits.

The test showed that the level of the so called carcinogens in E Cigarettes was 1,000 times lower than the levels in a regular cigarette, which is a much safer option.

When it comes to the dangers of chemicals in electronic cigarettes, which is only limited to the amount of Nicotine was extremely low and on the same level as other quit smoking Nicotine replacement products.


The United Kingdom Studies

Electronic cigarettes is not only limited to the United States but are also gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, where Cancer Research UK stated that “For a smoker, the health hazards of continuing to smoke greatly outweigh any potential risks of using nicotine replacement therapy” which is this case are electronic cigarettes.

It is widely favored in the UK to adopt not only electronic cigarettes but also smokeless cigarettes as a substitute to real cigarette instead the usual quit or die mentality we see world wide.

Another Study done in the University of East London showed that there were no difference between electronic and real cigarettes when it comes to reducing Nicotine cravings, it was pretty much the same.

But a survey done in November 2009 with 303 smokers, found that and e cigarette substitution for real cigarettes did result in reduced perceived health problems such as coughing, being better able to walk up the stairs, doing exercises and and also improved senses such as smell and taste, which gradually disappear when you start to smoke.


The Reason Why All This Hassle About Whether Electronic Cigarettes are Safe or Not

You may ask yourself how come electronic cigarettes are banned in a lot of countries such as Denmark, Spain in the European Union but also countries like Canada and Mexico, is it because they are not safe?

It seems no logic to ban a product that obvious is a better choice than real cigarettes.

The problem here is because of the Nicotine and the use of it in Nicotine replacement products which is considered to be medicine or a medical treatment.

Many countries ban e cigarettes simply because there are not medical studies behind, because they state they they should be tested as medicine because of the Nicotine.


The Overall Conclusion

The basic point is that if you are smoker it is a question about improving your overall health the best possible way, to avoid life threatening diseases but also being able to improve the doing of daily duties.

If the choices is between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes, the electronic ones are a much safer option, that is a basic fact with scientifically studies behind.

Among smokers themselves stated in the above survey that switching to electronic cigarettes did make them healthier in form of improved cardiovascular function and senses in form of smelling and tasting.


Try Electronic Cigarettes Out For Yourselves.

if you are a smoker, why not try out electronic cigarettes out for yourselves? It for sure cannot harm you and especially not more than the real cigarettes you are smoking all ready.

For a limited time, you can get your very own E cigarette free trial, just click on the link below.

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